Everyone’s favorite anti-idol j-pop metal-stars are touching down at the Forum for the release of their new record. BABYMETAL is coming through the Forum on 10/11 for their first US headlining arena show with no support, bringing all of the synchronized dancing and pyrotechnics you can possibly hope for while melting faces.

Metal Galaxy, their forthcoming record, is dropping at the end of next week on the same day as their Forum date. It is going to be an insane show for a band, now winnowed down to two, that has proven that they are more than just a gimmick in the Western market. They have provided a strong crossover influence for both casual listeners and true metalheads alike, not to mention acting as ambassadors of the j-pop craze over here in the states. The band gets consistently rave reviews from their live shows and I cannot wait to grab some pics next week.

Make sure you’re there.