Play This Playlist: The Best of CRSSD Fest Fall

Fall festivals never looked so good

August 31st, 2015
Lesley Park
Category: Staff Pick, Video
crssd lead

Although CRSSD Festival is a relative newcomer on the festival scene, its impressively curated lineups are nothing to scoff at. Don’t believe me? Then there’s a good chance this playlist will be just the thing you need to turn that sour skepticism around.
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Odesza and Little Dragon Collaborate on “Light”

Deluxe edition of 2014’s In Return out on 9/18

August 26th, 2015
Lesley Park
Category: Video

In the year that’s passed since In Return‘s release, Odesza’s stock has risen meteorically. From insta-sellout shows to elbow-to-elbow madness at any one of their numerous festival appearances, the Seattle-based duo has cemented their place firmly amongst the biggest and brightest stars in the chillwave scene.
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Play This Playlist: Top 10 Bob Dylan Covers

Some of these you’ll most definitely recognize

August 24th, 2015
Anthony Marks
Category: Staff Pick, Video
Bob Dylan

He has inspired everyone from Johnny Cash to The Beatles. Anyone who has a name in the music business knows and respects Bob Dylan. And if you’re not one of those people, keep reading my articles — you might learn something.
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CHVRCHES Stun With “Leave A Trace”

Video release sets the tone for new album

August 18th, 2015
Nori Meisner
Category: Lead Story, Video

If you want to know what “authenticity” really means, then let’s talk about CHVRCHES.
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Watch Tame Impala’s “Let It Happen” Music Video

It’s trippy, disconcerting, and beautiful

Melissa Karlin
Category: Video

Have you seen the new music video for Tame Impala’s “Let It Happen” yet? Strap yourself in. Or rather, release your straps!
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Play This Playlist: FYF Fest 2015

The best of the rest of this year’s lineup…

August 17th, 2015
Jay Chirinos
FYF Fest 2015 lead

It is finally happening! The year’s biggest music festival in Los Angeles takes place this weekend when thousands of revelers will descend upon the Exposition Park area of the city for this year’s installment of FYF Fest. Last week I picked out a few of the smaller bands to watch, but today I’ve compiled a short playlist of highlights from the rest of the lineup, including our two headliners.
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Watch: Unknown Mortal Orchestra on Late Night

See the group perform “Multi-Love” for Seth & Co.!

August 14th, 2015
Sean Kramer
Category: Video
Unknown Mortal Orchestra

If you’re anything like us, you’re still buzzing from all the awesomeness emanating from Unknown Mortal Orchestra and their latest album, Multi-Love. A week after playing a sold-out show at The Roxy, the group hit the East Coast to stop by Late Night with Seth Meyers and perform the title track to their most recent effort.
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Play This Playlist: Summer Heat Wave

Because it’s coming, people, & we have to be ready

August 12th, 2015
Melissa Karlin
Category: Staff Pick, Video
Hot summer crowd

It’s August, LA Music Blog readers, when Valley folk go to the beach and the East Side hipsters switch to cold brew. There’s a heat wave coming, so to prepare your body, mind, and soul for the oncoming onslaught of 105-degree weather, listen to this playlist. Some of the songs on it are about the season, some simply remind me of it, some glorify it, and some lament it. It’s funny, it’s serious, and it has a wee bit of cheese. Ok, a lot of cheese this time. It’s the summer.
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Top Five Fall Out Boy Singles

See the pop-rock kings at Hollywood Bowl on Monday

August 7th, 2015
Mary Bonney
Category: Staff Pick, Video
fall out boy

I have been an emo girl since I first heard Something Corporate’s “Punk Rock Princess” in 2002, but it was Fall Out Boy that really sealed the deal for me with their infectious hooks and memorable one-liners. I saw them countless times in concert, and my heart broke when they announced their hiatus in 2009, but thankfully, 2013 heralded their return.
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