Top Five Music Videos From Film Soundtracks

In case you forgot how great the late-90s were

September 26th, 2014
Alice Carson
Category: Staff Pick, Video
City of angels

Think about how many soundtracks have stuck out to you after seeing a movie. Forrest Gump (1994), for instance, has one of the best soundtracks of all time because the songs so appropriately aid the storytelling. Film series like The Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, and Harry Potter feature musical scores that are so unique, they’re recognizable after hearing only a few measures of the title song. Music can help take an audience to a tangibly more emotional place, and the power of music in film should never be underestimated.
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Hip Hop Meets House: Six Rap Songs That Sample

“You remind me of something…I know what it is.”

September 22nd, 2014
Marcus Slater
Category: Staff Pick, Video

“Oh man, did you hear that new Drake? HE TOTALLY RIPPED OFF MAYA JANE COLES! How dare he. How. Dare. He.”

This is an excerpt from a heated conversation I had over this new tack from The K.I.D Heat and Mall Mall and Drake and (deep breath) Tyga.
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Top Five Acts Who Stopped Too Soon

These guys, for various reasons, left us hanging

September 19th, 2014
Jay Chirinos
Category: Staff Pick, Video
The postal service lead

I could fill reams and reams of paper with a list of bands that went on a lot longer than they should have. (Have the last couple of decades of Mastercard-sponsored arena tours done anything to enhance the reputation of The Rolling Stones? Didn’t think so.) It’s much more interesting to speculate about bands that cut their careers short for various reasons.
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Play This Playlist: Back-To-School Soundtrack

Did you have a nice summer?

September 15th, 2014
Gerry Doot
Category: Staff Pick, Video

Well, summer is officially over, and it’s that time of year again. Time to buy some new notebooks, backpacks, and Jordans. Time to look back through the yearbook for that girl who wrote “K.I.T. C U next YR.” And time to buckle down and get back to studying!
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Top Five Body-Positive Songs

Embrace your body with these five tracks!

Mary Bonney
Category: Staff Pick, Video
destiny's child

With Meghan Trainor’s pro-body anthem “All About That Bass” hitting number one on the Hot 100 charts, I have been combing through my music library seeking other songs praising curvy girls. Pursuing acting and living in LA has been a one-two punch on my body image, and songs like Trainor’s remind me that it doesn’t matter what your body type is as long as you know how to “shake it shake it.”
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Top 5 Labor Day Weekend Dance Events

The dance acts to catch on the long weekend

August 29th, 2014
Twila Grissom
Category: News, Staff Pick
Gareth Emery Promo

The long weekend is upon us! As per usual, a litany of things are happening all over Los Angeles. If you are staying local and feel like you might want to get down on the dance floor at some point, here are the Top 5 events to get your dance on this Labor Day Weekend.
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Play This Playlist: Best Taylor Swift Music Videos

The best clips from Swifty’s past and present

August 26th, 2014
Mary Bonney
Category: Staff Pick, Video
taylor swift shot

Taylor Swift is our modern day Helen of Troy, although rather than being the woman whose face launched a thousand ships, it’s more like she the woman whose Instagrams launched a million likes. This past week, she completed her move from young, ringleted country singer to outspoken pop superstar with the release of her newest single, “Shake It Off,” off her upcoming, sure-to-be-bestselling 1989.
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Top Five Undercard Acts Playing At FYF Festival

It’s a Goldenvoice fest, ergo a solid undercard

August 22nd, 2014
Lesley Park
Category: Staff Pick, Video
FYF Fest 2014 undercard

If you’re lucky enough to be hitting up this weekend’s FYF Fest, you’re no doubt fantasizing about the dance party you’ll find yourself in during Phoenix’s set or the alt-rock bonanaza that will ensue when sister act HAIM shreds like it’s nobody’s business. But if everything below those familiar names on the flyer is looking like gobbledygook, here are some handy suggestions to help you navigate the madness of Exposition Park.
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Woofer Cookers: 10 Songs For Bass Heads in 2014

Give your low end a workout

August 19th, 2014
Marcus Slater
Category: News, Staff Pick

Bass music. R&B. Dubstep. Hip hop. All these genres are in a state of flux right now thanks to the extremely lively electronic music scene. The volume of producers and singers and other extraordinarily talented people out there making music with a heavy low end is staggering. It’s a good time to be a bass head.
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Play This Playlist: Best of OC’s Pacific Festival

This tracklist will keep you dancing all week long

August 18th, 2014
Janelle Miranda
Category: Staff Pick, Video
Pacific Festival

Bummed you missed Pacific Festival at the Newport Dunes in Orange County this past weekend? Turn that frown upside down with this tasty musical compilation designed to help you shake that groove thang all week long. Bonus, disco appears to be alive and well, and there is enough cowbell in this mix to make your head spin. Play these tracks, and your bad dance moves will instantly look cool again!
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