Not Just (White) Boys’ Fun: Banshees III – Pt. 1

The beginning of the end (for now)

August 29th, 2016
Lex Voight

Yo! Check this!

As the summer winds down, so too shall this column for the moment. I have a couple more bands I want to shout out before I give my soapbox a well-needed rest. But we are going to do this in the nouveau-trilogy style and break up the conclusion into two parts. Why? Because women are awesome.

And because I said so.

So there.
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Not Just (White)Boys’ Fun: T.D.B. II

The exceptions to the rule…

August 22nd, 2016
Lex Voight

Have you still not read this yet??

As with anything in this world — be it individual people, artists, musicians, aesthetics, or sounds — there are certain things that you just don’t jive with, and I just don’t like that certain breed of punk/pop-punk where punk rubs up against garage. In fact, it’s one of my least favorite genres ever. I place it below country, even.
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Top 5 Must-Hear Mixtapes

Check out the hottest rap out right now!

August 11th, 2016
Kimberly Quitzon
Category: News, Staff Pick

A variety of well-known artists, from Kodak Black to Juicy J, have new mixtapes out right now, and with styles ranging from 2 Chainz’ trap rap to Post Malone’s mellow vibes, you should really listen to them all. If you’re tight on time, though, these are five that you absolutely can’t miss (in no particular order).
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Mary’s Top Five Songs Of Summer 2016

The hit-filled soundtrack of this season

August 10th, 2016
Mary Bonney
Category: Staff Pick, Video

Here in Los Angeles, we are in a permanent state of summer given our near-perfect weather, plethora of palm trees, and transient job nature (hey, it’s the entertainment industry!), but the rest of the country will soon come back from vacations, school will begin, and the countdown to the best season will begin anew.
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Ashlee’s Splash House August 2016 Playlist

Giving you a little taste of those desert vibes!

August 9th, 2016
Ashlee Burke
Category: News, Staff Pick
Splash House 2015

One thing that I normally love about Los Angeles is the weather, but lately it’s just been too hot. I have spent hours upon hours in what seems to be endless sun dreaming of a massive pool party! Well, it turns out there is an oasis to provide some relief to us Southern Californians amongst this seemingly endless summer heat — just the thing we need to tide us over until the (slightly colder) winter.
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A Few Songs About August…

As we near summer’s end, let’s, well, enjoy summer

August 5th, 2016
Anthony Marks
Category: News, Staff Pick
julie london

August is one of those transition months. It symbolizes the end of summer, the beginning of a new school year, a look back through the good times we had in the warm months, and, last but not least, the fun shows we saw during our time outdoors!
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A Cup Of Sugar From Your LA Neighbor: Blake Mills

Like the horn of an oncoming train

August 4th, 2016
Kyle B. Smith
Category: Staff Pick, Video
Blake Mills

Most may know Blake Mills for his golden touch in the studio, having produced for Alabama Shakes, Fiona Apple, Sky Ferreira, and many more, but when he’s not producing GRAMMY-winning albums or performing as a session player for Beck, Cass McCombs, Jackson Brown, and others, you may find Blake Mills at his other job: talented solo artist.
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Top 5 Undercard Acts At Outside Lands 2016

Get ready for the crack of noon

August 3rd, 2016
Kyle B. Smith
Category: News, Staff Pick
outside lands 2016

Like all major festivals, this weekend’s 2016 installment of Outside Lands has its blockbuster (Radiohead), its reunion (LCD Soundsystem), its nostalgia act (Lionel Richie), and a plethora of other tried and true names (Ryan Adams, Grimes, Chance the Rapper, Sufjan Stevens).
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Play This Playlist: Nostalgia For New York

Top 10 tracks to get you in the NY state of mind

August 2nd, 2016
Jillian Goldfluss
Category: News, Staff Pick
nyc 2

I know what you’re thinking: “What is LA Music Blog doing promoting a playlist for NYC?” Well, sometimes when you’re sitting in bumper-to-bumper traffic inside of a Trader Joe’s parking lot, clenching your teeth and dripping with sweat, you start to miss the simple things in life, such as walking, delis, rain, and getting from point A to B in a timely fashion.
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When Drugs & Music Culture Collide

My thoughts on when “having fun” goes too far…

Ashlee Burke

I am no stranger to putting my life at risk for the sake of having fun. When I was in college I made the brilliant decision to jump off a 112-foot bridge using a homemade bungee chord rigged up out of two professional-grade climbing ropes and a rock-climbing harness.
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