Backstage at Dada Life’s Dada Land: The Voyage

Words from the de facto Dada Land leaders and more

July 22nd, 2014
Lesley Park
Category: Interview, Review
dada life

Held in 2010, the final iteration of the Electric Daisy Carnival in Los Angeles — considered by many to be the incendiary spark that kickstarted the popularity of electronic dance music in the US — marked the EDC debut of a then-relatively unknown act: Dada Life. The duo swiftly went on to set themselves apart from the rest by delivering incomprehensibly energetic sets and generating some the most enthusiastic crowds you’d ever see at a dance music festival with a little help from their calling cards, bananas and champagne. Continue reading…

Show Review: Matisyahu @ Pacific Amphitheatre

High praise for an appreciative performer

July 21st, 2014
Janelle Miranda
Category: Review

It’s opening weekend at the OC Fair Summer Concert Series, and the crowd is thickening as fans return from a funnel cake run or late comers hurry to find their seats for Matisyahu. I have just arrived and mentally chastised myself for having missed Tribal Seeds’ opening set. I look out at the crowd and see Bob Marley shirts, American flag bandanas, posters with Jewish symbology, and lots and lots of dreadlocks. Families, friends, and couples, both young and old, are ready for some reggae music, and the air smells like waffles and syrup and…other stuff.
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Show Review: A Sunny Day In Glasgow @ Bootleg Hifi

On a moonlit night in Los Angeles…

July 18th, 2014
Jay Chirinos
Category: Review
A Sunny Day In Glasgow

The unusual fact about the recording schedule of the new A Sunny Day In Glasgow album — namely that no two members of the band were ever in the same room in its duration — added something of an extra level of anticipation to their small headline show at the Bootleg Hifi on Wednesday night. Rather than asking, “How are these songs going to sound live?” I found myself wondering whether the band would sound like they hadn’t been in a room together for a while.
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Show Review: The Antlers @ The Troubadour

NY natives play 2nd sold-out show in Los Angeles

July 17th, 2014
Angelica Corona
Category: Review
The Antlers lead

When heading out to see The Antlers live for the first time this Sunday, I was hoping to get answers to two questions: 1) Could an added sensory experience make me love the band more than I already did? and 2) Would their expansive sound translate well live? Each of the band’s songs has enough texture to satisfy listeners through speakers, but the level of respect I have for artists who are able to pour so much into the production of their music on record and carry it to the stages every night is unsurpassed.
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Show Review: Cloud Nothings @ The Roxy Theatre

Newly stripped-down three-piece delivers punch

July 15th, 2014
Jay Chirinos
Category: Review
Cloud Nothings

When I first saw Cloud Nothings live at FYF Fest a couple of years ago, I found myself equally impressed and frustrated. Their set revealed hints of something brilliant, but also a level of indulgence and a little sloppiness that perhaps stood as evidence of their relative youth.
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Album Review: Jungle – Self-Titled

A shoo-in for 2014′s top albums of the year lists!

July 8th, 2014
Gerry Doot
Category: Lead Story, Review

When Jungle’s debut EP was released late last year, it was clear the group was something special. Featuring simple but groovy rhythms that bounce from track to track and layers thicker than the crust of the Earth, each song on the EP is an instant dance party.
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Show Review: Robyn and Royksopp @ Hollywood Bowl

Serious value for money at the Hollywood Bowl

July 3rd, 2014
Jay Chirinos
Category: Lead Story, Review

In one corner you have Robyn, the Swedish pop star who shunned major label support to create her own brand of electro-pop, only for the world to sit up and take notice anyway. In the other corner you have Röyksopp, the shape-shifting Norwegian electronic duo that can now boast over a decade in the limelight since the release of their debut album, Melody A.M.

Do you go for a) Robyn, b) Röyksopp, or c) Both? At the Hollywood Bowl on Sunday a sellout crowd was treated to a massive dance party (on a school night!) that gave us the best possible value for our money, which was option d) All of the above.
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Show Review: Sharon Van Etten @ El Rey Theatre

An endearing performance from a master songwriter

July 2nd, 2014
Jay Chirinos
Category: Review

After listening to the often harrowing but brilliant Are We There, the new album from Sharon Van Etten, I did not expect to come out of El Rey Theatre after her biggest headline show to date with the word “goofy” stuck in my head. And yet amidst her searing performances of songs from that album, it was her goofiness and relaxed nature that stood out more than anything. Sharon Van Etten has clearly come on leaps and bounds as an entertainer as much a she has as a singer-songwriter.
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Show Review: Fuck Buttons @ El Rey Theatre

A night of pure electronic transformation

June 30th, 2014
David Fisch
Category: Review
Fuck Buttons_Featured 2

Praise be to this blog for allowing me the space to write out my thoughts on Fuck Buttons’ show at El Rey Theatre Thursday night because if I were to tell you about it in person, I’d be shouting at the top of my lungs. It wouldn’t be solely for the fact that I thought their show was certainly one of this year’s best and that I had to SAY IT LIKE THE STATEMENT WAS IN ALL CAPS, but it would also be because I probably couldn’t hear myself talking to you at a normal volume. Truth be told, I’ve had a weekend to recover, but I still can’t hear anything. And I love it.
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Show Review: Yann Tiersen @ The Fonda Theatre

French maestro completes US tour

Jay Chirinos
Category: Review
Yann Tiersen

Seeing Yann Tiersen take to The Fonda Theatre stage on a Friday night is kind of a disorienting experience. After all, Tiersen is not really known as a performer or as a singer-songwriter, but more as a composer and arranger. Specifically, it is his work on films such as Amelie and Goodbye Lenin! for which he is most beloved, so to see him playing three- or four-minute songs with his band is kind of trippy. Nevertheless, Tiersen has a host of solo albums under his belt, the latest of which, ∞ (Infinity), was released this year, and so it was that we got to see the other side to the man’s prolific career.
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