New Album Releases: March 17, 2015

The return of Modest Mouse and more!

March 17th, 2015
Twila Grissom
Category: Lead Story, News
new album releases 031715

In the final few days of winter, there aren’t as many recognizable album releases. That said, we still have a solid hodgepodge of genre homerun hitters, so expand your mind and open up to discovery mode!
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The Story So Far Releases New Single, “Nerve”

Third studio album coming on May 15!

Mary Bonney
Category: News
The Story So Far

It’s been almost a year since The Story So Far, one of my favorite pop-punk bands, released new music. After months of touring off their sophomore album, What You Don’t See, these Northern California natives are back with “Nerve,” a brand new single off their self-titled upcoming third studio album, which is set for release on May 19th through Pure Noise Records.
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LA Music Blogcast: 2015 Industry Shake-Ups

Big changes coming to your ears this year…

March 16th, 2015
David Fisch
Category: Lead Story, News
Starbucks concert record store

We go to concerts without concern for how loud they are because sometimes, honestly, we want to hear our favorite bands turned all the way up. Need those feels, you know? And we go to Starbucks because we need our caffeine fix. We hear music there as well, and if we like what we hear, we’re in luck because that music is typically sold on CDs right at the register next to where we order our venti caramel macchiatos. We also go to our local record stores or digital music retailers as soon as midnight strikes on Tuesdays because, as we know all know, Tuesday is the day new music is released…
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Top Five PC Music Songs

Five bangers from the love-em-or-hate-em crew

March 13th, 2015
Jay Chirinos
Category: News, Staff Pick
PC Music

PC Music is a collective/label/website/whatever you want to call it that has become one of the most divisive crews in music over the last couple of years. Their ethos of twisting bubblegum pop and dance music into all sorts of odd shapes has been both praised as utterly original and dismissed as complete garbage. To me, it’s kind of thrilling to hear music that toes the line so brazenly between those two extremes, and Los Angeles will get a taste of PC Music in a rare appearance for AG Cook, SOPHIE, and QT at The Echoplex on Friday, March 27th.

In advance of that show, I’ve picked out five of the label’s best tracks to help you decide whether you want to explore further.

GFOTY – “Don’t Wanna/Let’s Do It”

Probably the strangest of all of PC Music’s players, GFOTY warps inane lyrics and melodies into something far more menacing and interesting. This track is a short, sharp example of GFOTY’s imagination and efficiency (her mixes tend to last around the 10-minute mark), and considering how many of her peers operate at the brighter end of the melodic range, it’s nice to hear such a hefty bottom in “Don’t Wanna/Let’s Do It.” For a song without percussion, it sure packs a punch.

AG Cook – “Beautiful”

The label head’s signature tune is this little beauty. A throwback to ’90s UK chart music, it manages to sound like much more than a pastiche, mainly due to the fact that it’s got such a strong melody at its core. The track also loops around what seems like a fairly rote declaration of endless love, except the more you hear it, the less convincing it sounds. By the time the song reaches its wistful final moments, the line adds an odd air of melancholia to the track, sounding more like self-denial than ecstatic realization.

QT – “Hey QT”

When we inadvertently attended the launch of QT at the Boiler Room last year, I was unaware of what was going on. Apparently, QT is both a bright, shiny new pop star and a fictional energy drink, adding an extra layer of surreal humor to PC Music’s aesthetic. QT was, in fact, a collaboration between AG Cook and SOPHIE (who did not make this list due to being an associate rather than an affiliate of PC Music), and regardless of the obfuscation involved in its creation, what is left with this debut single is enough to make even grown men want to bounce around on their mattresses while singing along into their hairdryers.

Danny L Harle – “In My Dreams”

This mid-tempo song from one of the lesser known PC Music guys is dancefloor ready and built around a simple melody that nevertheless gets twisted out of shape through several key changes that slowly but surely disorient the listener even as the beat holds steady. It’s another prime example of the label’s ability to produce pop music that pushes seemingly simplistic music into more sinister territory, and it is this exploratory level that keeps bringing me back to PC Music in the first place.

Thy Slaughter – “Bronze”

This is all about the build. Literally. The song is a two-minute tease that builds up to a huge crescendo that never comes. Its second half sees the song simultaneously building and collapsing in on itself as the melody gets stretched insanely into the high end of the mix before ceasing abruptly in its final two or three seconds, coughing out Aphex Twin-style distortion where the beat should kick in. And then it’s all over. It covers a whole bunch of ideas in its brief running time, and I’ll definitely be wanting to hear more from Thy Slaughter.

Tickets to AG Cook/SOPHIE/QT at The Echoplex on March 27th are still available.

HARD Summer Coming This August!

Epic EDM festival set for 8/1 and 8/2!

Mary Bonney
Category: Lead Story, News
Hard Summer

While 2014 may be the year I began my love affair with electronic dance music, we are really getting serious as a couple in 2015. That means I’ve had an even closer eye on festival announcements these past few months, and after the amazing experience I had with 80,000 of my fellow fans at HARD’s Day of the Dead festival, I am counting down the days until its summertime counterpart, HARD Summer!
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Throwback Thursday: Recalling Of Montreal Live

Crazy costumes and even crazier songs

March 12th, 2015
Anthony Marks
Category: News, Staff Pick
Of Montreal

Tired of the same old pop-rock tunes? Have Moogs and synths backed by a steady beat become mundane and predictable? Sometimes, it’s hard to listen to easy music.
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Last-Minute Show Alert: Goldfish @ Bootleg HiFi

Thursday night dance party, anyone?

Lesley Park
Category: News

I feel like I touch on this every week. Unless you’ve been living under a musical rock, you’ve probably heard something to the extent of “all electronic musicians do is push buttons during their ‘live’ sets.” Being an annoying contrarian, I’ve been on a crusade of sorts to shut up the naysayers by seeking out musicians with an electronic sound who are, in fact, “doing things” when they’re up on stage (not that there’s anything wrong with the occasional DJ set as I certainly appreciate my fair share of those, too).
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Hear The Relationship’s New Single “Oh Allen”

Weezer’s Brian Bell steps into the spotlight

March 11th, 2015
Sean Kramer
Category: News
the relationship

If you’ve been even just slightly a Weezer fan over the band’s 20+ year career, you no doubt have a soft spot in your heart for guitarist Brian Bell. The aloof guitarist/singer has often kept a cool mystique about him, never quite fitting the geek image that Rivers Cuomo and company often perpetuate through their music.
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Third Eye Blind and Dashboard Confessional To Tour

Nationwide co-headlining tour coming this summer

March 10th, 2015
Mary Bonney
Category: News
Third Eye Blind Dashboard Confessional

I’ve re-read the announcement a dozen times, but I still can’t believe it. Two of my all-time favorite bands, Third Eye Blind and Dashboard Confessional, are touring together this summer.
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Daybreaker Comes To Venice This Thursday

Start your morning off right with a dance party

Twila Grissom
Category: News
Daybreaker 2

What are you doing Thursday morning before work?  If your morning routine involves a boring run on the treadmill to wake you up, I have something better to suggest.
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