David Young’s New Audio Book Stirs the Music World

Do Lennon and Harrison reach out from the grave?

December 15th, 2014
Alice Carson
Category: Interview, News
David Young

Very seldom does an audio book stir up such an emotional reaction from the masses, but GRAMMY-nominated performer David Young’s latest work has done just that. The audio book, entitled My Experiences with Lennon and Harrison, implies by its name that Young has met the late Beatles and will therefore recount his time with them. But the audio book takes a paranormal angle because Young’s experience with John Lennon and George Harrison began in 2010 — after their deaths.
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Interview With Moby

Inspirational Q&A with an electronic luminary

Lesley Park
Moby Innocents Promo

When you jump into the crazy world that is music blogging, there are certain interviews you dream about being able to do one day, certain artists or groups that irrevocably shaped the landscape of music as you knew it growing up. These are the same artists that you find yourself temporarily blanking out on when you finally get the chance to ask them all those questions you’ve longed to ask because no matter how many times you’ve done the Q&A song and dance, interviewing the people that have inspired you for over a decade is still unbelievably daunting.
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Interview: Swedish EDM Duo Cazzette Breaks Free

Making music for themselves and no one else

December 10th, 2014
Alice Carson
Category: Interview

Sebastian Furrer and Alex Björklund met about four years ago while on tour and almost immediately began making music together as Cazzette. Now the Swedish duo is exploding back into the music scene with a fresh and soulful new sound after recently making the bold decision to break away from their record label.
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Show Review: Defeat The Low Gets Rowdy At The Roxy

Rise Records CEO roughs the tour life with band

December 5th, 2014
Alice Carson
Category: Interview, Review
Defeat The Low

This Tuesday, the Sacramento-born hardcore princes in Dance Gavin Dance headlined the Rise Records tour at the infamous Roxy Theatre in West Hollywood. The tour bill also included other members of the Rise Records roster, including Secrets and Alive Like Me, and opening the show was Defeat The Low, a band founded by the label’s CEO, Craig Ericson, who plays guitar, writes, and performs with the Portland group, all while controlling his powerhouse post-hardcore label.
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Interview With WALK THE MOON

Band talks inspirations, new album, and Nerd Rope

November 24th, 2014
Christine Perez
Walk the moon

When WALK THE MOON announced the release date for their sophomore album and supporting tour dates back in September, their social media world stopped or exploded or changed in some capacity. Fans from all over the world tuned in to Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter to witness the band’s next move in the musicscape.
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Interview With Indie-Pop Songstress Eriel Indigo

Artist unveils unconventional single release plans

November 18th, 2014
Alice Carson
Category: Interview
Eriel Indigo LEAD

Los Angeles is a mecca for artists, a place where innovative, spiritually driven and creative people gather and feel at ease surrounded by kindred souls. Like many of her peers, Eriel Indigo moved from Northern California down to the City of Angels so she could pursue her artistic dharma. The songstress just released her first single and plans to keep releasing one song a month for an entire year.
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North of Nine: The Rising Stars of 2015

Jackson Guthy-fronted rock band preps debut EP

November 14th, 2014
Alice Carson
Category: Interview
North of Nine

Nothing restores my faith in the future of rock and roll quite like a refreshing set of vocal chords and an innovative use of keys. North of Nine, a newly formed band from Los Angeles, flaunts both of these qualities. Fronted by piano prodigy Jackson Guthy, North of Nine blends the talent of five young men from across the country into a cohesive, soulful sound.
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Interview With Odesza’s Harrison Mills

EDM duo returning to LA for HARD Day of the Dead

October 17th, 2014
Mary Bonney

Odesza would have landed in the electronic music spotlight sooner or later. Their dreamy, mesmerizing style pulls from multiple genres — classical, rap, hip hop, and indie to name a few — and the attention to detail in every song distinguishes this Seattle-based duo from the chillwave pack.
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Interview With Kill the Noise

Catch the LA-based producer at Club Nokia on 10/11

October 3rd, 2014
Jeanette Hernandez
Category: Interview
Kill The Noise

Show me an artist who is not afraid to speak his or her mind and who can take their audience on a roller coaster ride during a live performance, and I’ll be hooked instantly, which is exactly what happened when I saw Kill the Noise for the first time at HARD Summer 2013. From the moment he began singing over Zedd’s “Clarity,” I knew I’d found someone whose career I’d be paying very close attention to, and I can’t wait to get another up-close look when Kill The Noise comes back through LA later this month.
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