Festival Review: A Day In Topanga

More like a musical retreat than a festival

March 5th, 2015
Lesley Park
Category: Review
A day in topanga

A coconut sugar-sweetened mint tea and brisk hike up the winding trails of Red Rock Canyon State Park is far from a conventional start to a music-centered event. Then again, A Day In is far from a conventional music-centered event. To be honest, I’m not even sure it would really qualify as “a music-centered event” since the Topanga iteration also featured coffee tastings, massages, and a buttload of other good stuff, but hey, they let a writer from LA Music Blog squeak on in, so that’s the angle I’m coming at this from.
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Throwback Thursday: Oasis’ Dig Out Your Soul

It’s time to look back on the last Oasis album

Melissa Karlin
Category: News, Staff Pick

This week, Noel Gallagher (and his High Flying Birds) released his second solo album, Chasing Yesterday (read my album review for more info on that). It got me thinking about his band Oasis and how much the group has inspired and influenced my love of rock music, and thus I took it upon myself to really dig deep and figure out which Oasis album would be the best to throwback on this Thursday morning.
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Win Tickets To See Tweedy At The Ace Hotel

American songwriter and his son play LA on 3/22!

Anthony Marks
Category: Contest

Wilco doesn’t seem to tour as much as we’d like. It’s unfortunate, but life goes on. In the meantime, though, we can be thankful that lead vocalist Jeff Tweedy has been working with his son, Spencer Tweedy, on a side project they’re calling, well, Tweedy. Makes sense.
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Nosaj Thing Announces New Album & Shares New Track

Another Chance the Rapper and Nosaj Thing collab!

Winnie Fan
Category: News
Nosaj Thing

A few months ago, Chance the Rapper tweeted a new track and then immediately took it down. As it turns out, that song is actually off of Nosaj Thing’s just-announced upcoming LP, Fated.
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Show Review: Taking Back Sunday @ The Palladium

An authentic night with the emotional rockers

Mary Bonney
Category: Review
Taking back sunday

As I entered into the photo pit Friday night to see the legendary Taking Back Sunday, the bouncer warned, “Be careful. It might get rough in there.” Please. I’d been slammed against the barricade by fans engrossed in scream-singing TBS lyrics dozens of times before, and I’d loved every minute. Tonight, though, I was in the photo pit on the other side of that barrier, which gave me a much different perspective on a band I’ve loved for over a decade.
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Show Review: Giraffage @ El Rey Theatre

Spazzkid and StarRo support a night of fresh beats

March 4th, 2015
Marcus Slater
Category: Lead Story, Review

Giraffage has come a long way. He started off the same way that a lot of electronic producers have been in recent years — by doing (really fun) remixes — but that all changed when he released Needs, which put a cohesive, wavy, futuristic spin on the mid-90s to early-00s R&B sound. Sure, that’s a popular thing to do now, but you can bet the producers who came after Charlie Yin were influenced by his sound. As far as I’m concerned, “Close 2 Me” and “Feels” will go down as two of the best chill beats ever. They’re iconic.
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Preview: The Preatures and The Bots @ Club Bahia

Aussies team up with LA duo for upcoming show

Gerry Doot
Category: News

I’m always excited to find out about a show in a venue that doesn’t fit the LA hipster norm. Club Bahia has been open since 1974, primarily putting on Latin shows, but the venue is set to host a different kind of performance on April 8th, opening its doors a new audience.
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Review: Zepparella & Hell’s Belles @ The Roxy

A fresh twist on some old classics

Jay Chirinos
Category: Review

The musical history of the Sunset Strip is equally celebrated and scorned. In its ’80s incarnation, the area was the epicenter of the glam-metal scene that made the likes of Guns N’ Roses and Mötley Crüe into worldwide stars, but it’s safe to say the sleaze factor was through the roof. These days, the Strip is something of a historical relic. Certain formerly legendary venues have become pretty much pay-to-play places, but The Roxy’s recent rejuvenation has remade it into one of the city’s best small venues.
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LA Music Blogcast: GRAMMY Talk, Kendrick, & Drake

If you’re reading this, it’s too late (but OK)

David Fisch
Category: Lead Story, News
Kendrick Drake GRAMMYs

It’s been a few weeks since this year’s GRAMMY Awards were handed out, and much has been said about the winners and losers (as well as the sore losers — Kanye), so if you’re reading this, it’s too late (see what I did there?). But hey, better late than never, right?
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Kanye West Releases New Single: “All Day”

New album, So Help Me God, is “coming soon”

March 3rd, 2015
Kristin Houser
Category: News
Kanye West All Day

Say what you will about his taste in women, approach to parenting, oratory skills, grasp on reality personal life, Kanye West knows how to produce hits, and his latest, “All Day,” is no exception.
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