Vice City Releases New Song: “Midnight”

Duo’s new song is sure to make you shake it!

February 5th, 2016
Ashlee Burke
Category: News
vice city

New music alert! Vice City’s “Midnight” has been on constant repeat ever since I first got the chance to hear it. Between the fast pace and the trappy vibes, it’s been a go-to gym track for me. It has some style, and while it’s not exactly what I would call a head-bobbing song (you’ve seen the guys in the club, doing a fig leaf with their hands and just kind of bobbing their heads along to an errant beat), it’s a great song for shaking whatever it is that you have to shake.
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Say Anything Streams Surprise New Album

I Don’t Think It Is available for purchase today

Mary Bonney
Category: News
say anything

Say Anything, one of the most emotionally raw emo bands of the past two decades, announced their seventh studio album, I Don’t Think It Is, a few short days ago, foregoing the usual publicity roll with a calculated countdown. By now fans should know to expect nothing less than the unusual from Max Bemis, whose outspoken personality is anything but normal.
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New Album Releases: February 5, 2016

New tunes transcending every genre and generation

Jillian Goldfluss
Category: Lead Story, News
new album releases 020516

Living legends and emerging indie acts share the spotlight on this week’s repertoire of new releases. From artists releasing eagerly anticipated sophomore albums to American icons such as Elton John and Lucinda Williams adding yet another record to their roster, there is literally something for every generation and genre lover to latch onto with today’s eclectic array of new music.
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Gallant Releases “Skipping Stones” Feat Jhene Aiko

Check out the new voice of R&B

February 4th, 2016
Kimberly Quitzon
Category: News

Singer-songwriter Gallant has teamed up with LA sweetheart Jhené Aiko to release a soulful new track. The duo’s phenomenal vocals are soothing on “Skipping Stones,” which is one-half of a two-track digital release coming out via Red Bull Sound Select tomorrow (the other half being “Borderline,” a collaboration with James Fauntleroy).
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CRSSD Announces Spring Phase II Lineup

Cirez D, Damian Lazarus, Kidnap Kid, & more added!

Ashlee Burke
Category: Lead Story, News
crssd festival 2016

CRSSD has finally revealed the Phase II lineup for its festival at Waterfront Park next month, and it is stacked! Fans at the 21+ fest will be treated to a variety of DJs and live acts from all across the spectrum of electronic music, and since CRSSD has also announced that Stella Artois is the official alcohol sponsor of the event, you will definitely find me yelling “S-T-E-L-L-A” at a poor, unsuspecting bartender if you attend. Because is there a better way to order a beer than by quoting Tennessee Williams?
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Electo-Pop Duo Port Of Est Releases Debut Single

Enjoy “Valentine In My Headphones”

February 3rd, 2016
Anthony Marks
Category: Video
port of est

Port of Est sounds like a band from Maine, which is probably why I’m drawn to them. Not only is their name intriguing and vivid, their music is a breath of fresh air amongst the excessive number of electronic sounds coming out of Los Angeles. This duo takes you for a wild ride with their music, like a calm roller coaster (as much of an oxymoron as that is).
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Watch Towkio & Chance The Rapper “Clean Up”

A sign of more to come from the Chicago MC?

Kristen Meza
Category: Video
towkio clean up

2015 was a breakout year for Towkio, a member of Chicago’s Save Money collective (alongside Vic Mensa and Chance The Rapper). His .Wav Theory mixtape received a lot of love and millions of streams on Soundcloud, making it one of the hottest releases of the year, and now it looks like fans may be getting some visuals to accompany it.
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Show Review: Bosse-de-Nage @ Complex

NorCal black-metal outfit makes first LA visit

February 2nd, 2016
David Fisch
Category: Review

Fellow LA Music Blog writer Jay Chirinos and I have incredibly similar musical interests, and we’ll often trade off albums and meet at shows for acts that range from the eerily quiet to the menacingly pummeling. I told him about Death Grips. He told me about Bosse-de-Nage.
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Serenity Gathering: A Celebration Of Spring

Festival brings music, art, and peace

Ashlee Burke
Category: News
serenity gathering 2016

At its very center, the word “equinox” combines the Latin terms for “equal” and “night,” and it denotes the two days of the year that are equal parts day and night. Serenity Gathering music festival not only celebrates the spring equinox, but seeks to replicate its energy. Celebrating the light and equally solacing the dark, Serenity aims to nourish the soul so that like a spring sapling in the frozen ground (outside of Southern California, that is), the mind can sprout and the spirit can bloom.
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