Show Review: Zammuto @ The Satellite

A well-deserved headlining set in LA

September 23rd, 2014
David Fisch
Category: Review

A couple of weeks ago I listened to Zammuto’s new album Anchor and gave it a generally favorable review. Okay, I’m lying. It’s an overwhelmingly positive review. Imagine following a promising band for a while and then finding that they’ve gotten everything right on their latest turn — it’s such a dramatically satisfying experience that you pretty much have to tell everyone about it.
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SBTRKT Premieres Video for “New Dorp. New York”

A mysterious adventure through a dark city

Winnie Fan
Category: Video

SBTRKT has always been eccentric, and “New Dorp. New York,” the first single from his upcoming album, Wonder Where We Land, reflects that aesthetic perfectly. The track features Ezra Koenig of Vampire Weekend half-singing, half-rapping over a thumping beat, and if you’re a fan, you’ll appreciate its uniqueness.
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Hip Hop Meets House: Six Rap Songs That Sample

“You remind me of something…I know what it is.”

September 22nd, 2014
Marcus Slater
Category: Staff Pick, Video

“Oh man, did you hear that new Drake? HE TOTALLY RIPPED OFF MAYA JANE COLES! How dare he. How. Dare. He.”

This is an excerpt from a heated conversation I had over this new tack from The K.I.D Heat and Mall Mall and Drake and (deep breath) Tyga.
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Win Tickets To See Metronomy At The Regent

With support from Dawn Golden on Oct. 21st!

Lesley Park
Category: Contest

First St. Lucia, now this? Sheesh, we’re feeling awfully benevolent this month.
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Win Tickets To See St. Lucia At The Regent Theater

Co-presented by us awesome folks at LA Music Blog!

September 19th, 2014
Lesley Park
Category: Contest, Lead Story
St. Lucia

There’s something to be said for musicians that can continue to blow you away no matter how many times you see them live. Having closely followed Jean-Philip Grobler — AKA St. Lucia — and his live band from their early days of opening for Ellie Goulding and Two Door Cinema Club in 2013 to their solo show this year at El Rey, I can safely say he falls into the category of being better and more brilliant with every gig.
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Hands Like Houses Reimagines Old Songs in New Ways

Flaunting their talent with captivating new EP

Alice Carson
Category: News
Hands Like Houses

In times of great fortune, a band comes along that changes the way one listens to music. Through a combination of lyrical excellence and technically driven grooviness, Hands Like Houses has forever changed how I experience music, and their newest EP, Reimagine, only reconfirms that realization.
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Interview with Jack Antonoff of Bleachers

We talk creativity, the universe, & Strange Desire

Christine Perez
Jack Antonoff Bleachers

It’s a totally typical thing. You don’t really mean to write an album. It sort of just happens. You write a song or put some notes together on a page, and before you know it, you’ve released a full-length with RCA Records and you’re embarking on a national tour.
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Show Review: Charles Bradley @ Santa Monica Pier

KCRW Summer Nights coming to a close!

Gerry Doot
Category: Review
Charles Bradley

Last Thursday night the Santa Monica Pier was crowded and electric with anticipation for one of the last shows of the KCRW Summer Nights series. All races and cultures were on hand to see Charles Bradley, a classic soul artist whose music can transcend demographics to appeal to all audiences.
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LA Music Blogcast: September 18, 2014

With guest Alice Boman!

Kristin Houser
Category: Lead Story, Video
Alice Boman LA Music Blogcast

When they weren’t comparing Apple giving the new U2 album to all iTunes users for free to the spread of sexually transmitted diseases (sure, you can get rid of chlamydia, but wouldn’t you rather not get it in the first place?), our hosts talked about their favorite new releases, Run The Jewels’ creative new Kickstarter campaign, and so much more on last night’s brand new episode of the LA Music Blogcast.
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Top Five Acts Who Stopped Too Soon

These guys, for various reasons, left us hanging

Jay Chirinos
Category: Staff Pick, Video
The postal service lead

I could fill reams and reams of paper with a list of bands that went on a lot longer than they should have. (Have the last couple of decades of Mastercard-sponsored arena tours done anything to enhance the reputation of The Rolling Stones? Didn’t think so.) It’s much more interesting to speculate about bands that cut their careers short for various reasons.
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