You know that friend who is always sending you playlists and burning you mix CDs (despite knowing you don’t own a CD player)? The one who turned you on to your current favorite band? LA Music Blog is basically a whole bunch of those people in one convenient (virtual) location.

You won’t find any scathing reviews or 1 out of 5 rankings on LA Music Blog because we aren’t interested in telling you what we don’t think you should listen to. Our team of bloggers only write about the music they would recommend to their best friends, and through their posts, they’ll share those recommendations with you.

These music-loving writers may live in Los Angeles, but they hail from all over — some grew up in Southern California, some moved here from the East Coast, the Midwest, New England, hell, even Old England — and through the LAmb, each writer shares his or her unique perspective on music via album and concert reviews, interviews with artists and industry professionals, recaps of the nation’s biggest music festivals, and commentaries on the latest music news and videos.

Our writers also contribute to the site’s LA Concert Calendar, which features a carefully selected group of shows that we recommend checking out — be sure to bookmark it if you’re looking for a great live music experience in the Los Angeles area. We also love free stuff and assume you do too (you are human, right?), so we’re constantly giving away everything from concert tickets to vinyl records to signed merch through our contests.

This is the music blog WE would want to read, and we think you will too, so check out our current staff list below to find your new music-obsessed best friend.

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