Hiatus Kaiyote came and sold out the Novo a good while back. Due to some computer issues, I am only getting around to uploading my photos right now. But suffice it to say that their forthcoming LP is deserving of all the hype.

Anna Wise opened the show with an intricate act from a seated position just stage right. What seemed like improvisational riffing was woven with throbbing polyrhythms as lights danced around Ms. Wise. But everyone was clearly waiting for the Melbourne-based headliners. It’s been way too long since the auzzie neo-soul titans had been stateside, in large part due to health reasons as well as Nai Palm’s solo record, but the band received a fervent welcome. They have clearly grown a bit since their last trip this way, opting for a larger stage in one of LA more premiere venues. And they still killed it.