Thunderpussy are on a quest for world domination. I have written a lot about them over the last couple years and its a testament to the band that I am still just as passionate now as I was when I first found out about them. They are here again this week, touring with Black Pistol Fire at the El Rey on 7/17. In anticipation of them coming, I caught up with Thunderpussy’s resident shredder Whitney.

So first of all, congrats on being one step closer to your trademark? How does it feel? I was following along with the case in the news distantly, but I’m sure you guys were glued– what does this mean for Thunderpussy?

Thank you!!! We are totally thrilled with the results of the Brunetti case. It feels like we have been waiting forever to get our trademark, but I have to remind myself that it’s taken him nine years. I think it took Simon Tam and the Slants eight. So I guess waiting a little longer can’t hurt 😉 The ruling on the case certainly bodes well for us, and it is a huge victory for free speech and expression… But now we wait…

This has been the first tour since I met you guys that you’ve been down a musician, in sort of power-play mode. How has adjusting to the road been without Ruby?

It’s all good! It’s new and exciting to have some fresh blood being pumped into the band. The drummer we chose for this tour is named Lindsey Elias and she is a BOSS. She’s jumping right into a two-month tour, which is pretty much zero to sixty, so we hope that she sticks around!!

All of this has coincided with your biggest year yet, what with releasing your debut (which was amazing and easily one of my favorites of last year), in a state of constant touring with bigger and bigger names and venues, big-name fans and collaborators, and who knows what else! How has it been sort of absorbing all of this as it happens at once? Plus I am sure people are singing your songs back to you at shows and I often hear musicians talk about the surreal aspect of that. How are you handling the success you are seeing? How are you balancing all the touring?

Glad you dig the album! It seems like a lifetime ago now, and I think musically the band is really maturing. Molly and I have honestly been really preoccupied with songwriting this year more than anything else. We have played some amazing shows, and yes, people know the songs! Which is crazy, but we feel like the only way to keep this crazy train rolling is through crafting better and better songs, so that is keeping us grounded right now. Honestly, being on the road is just a grind; kind of mindless. I almost think of that as a release or a break. It feels amazing to go out and shred every night. RAWK!