The Bay area has always been known for it’s incredible thrash scene, though though the scene has been quiet for what feels like awhile now. Vale are undoubtedly about to change that. Burden of Sight is a monster of a record that wears its Bay Area thrash influences emblazoned proudly on its standard.

Everything about this release immediately is in league with the current greats of the genre–Power Trip and Skeletonwitch undoubtedly being two of the most well known. Caustic vocals drip contempt and malice, feeling every bit as venomous and dangerous as Landmine Marathon (one of the few bands of the death/thrash scene that I was legitimately frightened by in college just from listening to them) did when they were around. An unholy blend of death, thrash, and black metal that ends up being everything you could possibly want out of all of those genres individually.

This is an album replete with desolation. Its the voice at the back of your head every time you read a headline about climate change that says that the sky really is falling. Its every curled lip in disgust at flagrant disregard for moral standards, or perhaps even standards in general its difficult to tell. It feels like a shot pure misanthropy handled by incredible musicians who revel in the genre’s they are playing in. One of the best records of the year thus far. Check it out.