We are undoubtedly living in the midst of the 10’s hardcore explosion. Particularly in the last five years it seems as if every time you turn around there is another stellar hardcore band making waves. Adrenaline shares three members with one of this explosions most recent breakout stars, Queensway. Adrenaline seems to offer a slightly different approach to the genre, however, citing Vision Of Disorder, Bad Brains, Crown Of Thornz, and Burn as influences over some of the more obvious ones influencing the scene at the moment.

What follows is an ep of perfect for Knocked Loose fans–a mosh-heavy 2-step beast of an EP that seems to pull back in genre touchstones that have been out of the limelight of late. Throughout the brief EP you can hear not only the aforementioned Burn influences but also bands like Bane or maybe even Body Count in the instrumentation. “In Dreams” pulls in a soul segue that could have easily been on a Trapped Under Ice track. It is with “In Reality” that Adrenaline really have a standout track however, with a groove-heavy banger that doesn;t outstay its welcome while “The Real You” finally shows some of those VOD influences that are sorely missing from the current scene.