It’s already been a week and Beachlife Fest feels like its only barely wrapped up. The beach-set California culture festival spanned three days of incredible artists and surprisingly incredible amenities, but the clear and inarguable highlight of the entire weekend was Willie.

More and more fests, to their absolute credit, are taking pages out of the KAABOO playbook–with nicer amenities and an array of artists geared slightly older, the fest actually can really create a great experience for concert-goers and not be a trial of will and endurance like so many fests are. Beaclife’s laid back vibes perfectly suited its lineup of artists including Brian Wilson, Ziggy Marley, Bluestraveler, Berlin, and Sugar Ray. People happily wandered the grounds or camped and waited for their favorite artist at either of the two main stages, drinking the day away in the partly-cloudy beach weather that always threatened to get hot but never quite made it.

Brian Wilson headlined Saturday night, an entire songbook of hits that are indelibly etched into the minds of every single American with hearing. While he looks a little the worse for wear, the audience were swept away and I heard more than once on the following day how much people loved his set.

Sunday, however, was the clear highlight of the weekend. With back-to-back sets by Ziggy Marley and Willie Nelson, the old stoner crowd was out en force, happily singing and swaying along to every single song that came up. While many of Ziggy’s own songs are unknown to me, he had a strong cadre of fans who mouthed every word, not to mention he could get by simply on strength of charisma alone.

Willie, on the other hand, was a delight and a consummate showman. He wandered out with a huge smile and launched into his songs one after the other with barely a pause for breath. The audience ate. it. up.

Check out thw photos from the weekend below.