Beach Life Festival is coming up next weekend, May 3-5, touting a lineup that should be the envy of just about every other festival around. Not only does it boast to be hosting two certifiable living legends in Willie Nelson and Brian Wilson, but a veritable who’s-who of headlining acts with heavy California ties including Ziggy Marley, Slightly Stoopid, Sugar Ray, Blues Traveler, Violent Femmes, Everclear, and Donovan Frankenreiter. That’s an insane list by any means, but there are some incredibly exciting acts appearing further down the list as well…

The Hollow Legs are perhaps the best example of the kind of amazing new talent opening up the festival. An LA-born hard-driving rock and roll trio with such irrepressible talent that it will be a damn surprise that their instruments don’t catch fire during their set. While comparisons to the strip-downed sounds of bands like The White Stripes could be made, The Hollow Legs’ brand of flat-out rock and roll fury feels infinitely more authentic and organic than that project’s endeavors. I got a couple of moments with them to ask them a few questions in preparation for their appearance next week.

LAMB:I thought your video for “Shiver My Bones” was so great–simple and really cleverly done. Who were your collaborators on that? What was the shoot like?

THL: I collaborated with body painter, Paul Roustan to come up with a cool concept of doing show where we were painted in glow-in-the-dark paint. We wanted it to be an element of surprise for the fans, so for the first couple of songs in the set we just looked normal until the lights went off. My nickname is Bones so Roustan thought it would be fun to channel that motif in his painting. This incredibly fun shoot was shot and recorded live at Studio 637 in Hermosa Beach. We will be collaborating with Roustan for another project soon, so be on the lookout for that!

LAMB: Your bio mentions you all growing up here as well as having been touring around all the local venues–how has it been playing venues that you guys no doubt partially grew up in? What are your feelings about the LA rock and alternative scenes at the moment?–is there a sense of community?

THL: We’ve been playing around town for many years now so naturally a little community amongst local musicians exists. We’ve all played in other bands and sit in on friends’ sets when we can, while still having our main focus on creating original rock n’ roll with The Hollow Legs. It’s important to find that community wherever you’re based out of and I hope it continues to grow with the more people and bands we play with.

LAMB: What’s it like experiencing traction and attention–or indeed opening for such a heavy-hitting festival?

THL: We’re excited to share the stage with such amazing artists we grew up listening to! I never thought I’d be on the same bill at Willie and Ziggy! Such legends!

LAMB: You guys seem to all be multi-instrumentalists or musicians with lots of experience–what brought you guys together?

THL: I met drummer, Zach Bozeman randomly at a dinner party where I was writing music for an artist and I happened to be in need of a drummer and someone to record my solo album. So it was fate how that worked out and we’ve been playing together ever since. I met Hugh DeFrance years later through this singer-songwriter showcase I used to host at Saint Rocke. We all come from different musical backgrounds so it’s great to mold our rock n’ roll sound with all of our influences.