Living in the modern world can be a horror. War, famine, disease, corruption, impending economic and environmental disaster, technological dissociation…its all there. But music and art have continued to proliferate at such an exponential rate that we are getting some of the best songs ever written at an increasing rate. As genre’s twist and co-mingle and meld, we are getting genres like “gothic americana” and “dark folk” that somehow also manage to rub up against drone and doom.

This is for music for those who speak in dark whispers–music for people who love pounding silence and susurrations. Haunting echoes in the wide expanse of space. And Emma Ruth Rundle and Jaye Jayles represent some of the best these dark, esoteric genres have to offer. They stopped by, with LA’s Black Mare, at the Echo, hot off the release of ERR’s latest full length On Dark Horses, and Jaye Jayles’ No Trail and Other Unholy Paths–both absolute contestants for best of the year releases.