Gwar, it is safe to say at this point in their roughly 30 year career, are legends. Not just our alien overlords who caused the extinction of the dinosaurs and who march across the world gleefully slaughtering legions of faithful supplicants, but, more impressively, as extraordinarily passionate and extraordinary artists and musicians.

For all the infernal pomp and circumstance which is an intrinsic and vital part of their history, legend, and appeal, the mere fact that the “traveling slave pit” is a successful 30 year old artists collective thats created an entire mythology is no small miracle. That that collective has a penchant for thrash, metal, bodily fluids, and flatulence makes it even more so. Gwar has made a career fusing heavy metal music with fantasy, sci fi, humor, artistry, and story telling–and has gone under-appreciated for the innovators, artists, and consummate showmen that they are.

Much of that under-appreciation is due to their very image. The selfsame thing which has garnered them attention and acclaim, also damns them in many eyes as a gimmick act. But those who do so fail to see Gwar in their true light–this is a group of deadly committed artists who manage to wield humor as easily and openly as their instruments who have made a living and a burgeoning empire (including a festival, two bars, and a barbecue sauce) off the strength of their collective vision and enthusiasm. That they are so goddamn fun to watch and fun to listen to, at times, can make one overlook that they make pretty incredible music thats influenced by everything from Slayer to Andrew Lloyd Webber and Dante.

Gwar have taken one of the most self-serious genres in music and made it fun, funny, and self-aware while still churning out surprisingly excellent records for THIRTY YEARS. They are a miracle who deserve to be spewing their gore and ichor over stadium crowds. That they are coming to the Belasco on 10/18 is a treat, bringing Hatebreed and Ringworm in their almighty wake makes it an absolutely essential night for any lover of extreme music. On a personal note, I LOVE this band and I implore you all to please by tickets to this show. And where a white t-shirt.