It’s hard to believe it’s been four years since I last caught Chromeo. Fresh off the heels of the release of 2014’s White Women, their memorable stop at The Shrine had the City of Angels dancing to their signature blend of electro-funk well into 1 in the AM.

In the intervening years since, the Canadian duo have relocated to this fair city of ours and followed up White Women with the infectiously catchy Head Over Heels, an album chock-full of feel-good funk anthems that were seemingly crafted especially for summer parties which boasts even more collaborative efforts than its already-loaded predecessor.

Friday’s sold out show at The Palladium was a testament to how dearly missed the self-proclaimed Funklordz were. Any shred of dubiousness that may have existed in that department was quickly drowned out by the deafening chants of “Chromeo-oh oh” sung in time by the audience as Dave 1 and P-Thugg took the stage.

The appropriately-titled “Come Alive” kicked off the 1.5-hour dance party. Although co-collaborator Toro y Moi was (sadly) no where to be found during it, the crowd didn’t seem too disheartened. A couple songs later, “Bonafied Lovin'” launched everyone into a frenzy that didn’t stop until the pair had stopped playing.

Mind you, at this point there were still 14 songs to go.

Although it was to be expected that Chromeo classics “Fancy Footwork” and “Jealous (I Ain’t With It)” elicited extremely vocal responses from the crowd, I was surprised by how well-prepared the crowd came to belt out newer tracks like “Juice” and “Bad Decision” considering that Head Over Heels was only just released two months ago.

Many valid criticisms can be made about LA crowds generally, but I’m happy to report than none of those stereotypes were present this time around. The stifling, 3,700-capacity Palladium was packed with singing, writhing bodies that were thoroughly engaged from start to finish. It’s been a good long while since I enjoyed a show with a crowd this good (though to be fair, it’s hard not to be engaged when you have a frontman like Dave 1 who is as charismatic on stage as he is musically talented).

If you’re playing songs that fall anywhere under the gigantic umbrella of dance music and if you work under the assumption that there is no truer metric how good your live shows are than your ability to turn a venue into a temperature and humidity level equivalent of a Bikram Yoga class, Chromeo passes with flying colors. It’s impossible to have anything but an amazing night with them unless you’re deathly allergic to fun.

Here’s hoping that the next stop in LA doesn’t take another four years to come to fruition.

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