It was a head-scratching moment of realization while waiting in line for UK’s Yellow Days at the Moroccan Lounge Wednesday night – the first of two sold out nights the artist was there – that the show was for 21-and-over admission, so the indie psychedelic soul artist couldn’t get into his own show if he even wanted to. That’s an amazing thing, to be 19-years-old and have an audience quite literally at your feet screaming at your every word and guitar lick.

Photos by David Fisch

He opened the set with the startlingly bare “So Terrified,” which so far has only been available via this performance on YouTube. His boozy effects on such a simple instrumental targeted our attention directly on his voice, which soulfully pierced through the haze and the wild screen projection on the back wall that it was no wonder why the artist has been gaining such traction so rapidly: rough and shoddy around the edges, but emotionally intense and uplifting, not too far off from the likes of a Sam Cooke or Bobby Womack.

He then properly introduced his band as he performed from his debut EP Harmless Melodies. He supported both that record and his first full-length debut, last year’s Is Everything Okay in Your World?, and the audience was all over it in the toke-filled room. He pulled off an hour of solid jams and deep-hearted tunes like “That Easy” and “The Tree I Climb,” bringing out a trumpeter halfway through the set for even more aural romance.

Experimental/indie fusion artist Jon Bap opened for Yellow Days, which just helped kick off an interesting evening of eargasms and high visions. He was touring with a full band (that included LA-resident producer MNDSGN on keyboards) in support of his latest work Yesterday’s Homily.

Check out more photos below, and below that, check out “The Way Things Change.”

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