What began as a Los Angeles bedroom project of sorts for Ryan Lott has turned into a fully-formed and smashing trio by 2018, as evidenced by Son Lux’s performance at The Regent in Downtown Thursday night. When Lott announced to the audience before the end of the set how endearing it was to be performing with his best friends, it felt earned, seeing the sometimes breathtaking musicianship they employed, as one solid unit of experimental beats and titillating soundscapes filled the room and the souls of the sold-out crowd.

Photos by David Fisch

Son Lux was touring in support of their politically-charged new album Brighter Wounds. Though seemingly still instrumentally sounding like Son Lux’s previous outings, Brighter Wounds is tonally more alarmist and sobering – something that the band was not set out to do during the performance. They did perform songs like “Dream State” and “Slowly” from the album, but the band was far from moody, generally hearing out the audience and enjoying being in the moment.

Their presence on stage was quite stupefying, split into three distinct sections of the stage and allowing each member to not only play to their best talents, but to also show off what each has to offer in terms of technical abilities: Lott’s playing with a below-the-belt keyboard and going in-and-out of the mic for vocal flourishes, Ian Chang’s phenomenal beat-centric but prog-rock style of drumming, and Rafiq Bhatia’s melodic but stoic and confident stance on guitar.

Check out the music video for “All Directions” starring Tatiana Maslany below. Brighter Wounds is now available on City Slang.

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