After interviewing Night Lights at their Eat See Hear performance, I’ve been hooked on the LA-based internationally-bred indie pop band. Since that fateful summer day, these rockers recorded their latest EP Childish, released an energetic music video and kicked off a national tour with Mako and Caroline Pennell. Last Saturday, the band performed at downtown’s The Regent and got audiences dancing along to their infectious tunes.

All photos by Nathan Tecson

It was a hometown heroes welcome for these former Bostonians as they were met by enthusiastic cheers from fans and friends alike. Night Lights wonderfully balances their emotional lyrics with upbeat energy, as demonstrated by their video for the danceable earworm “Things That We Used To Know”.

Their hypnotic melodies intertwined with lush, swirling instrumentation. When the band swelled with energy, lead vocalist Mauricio Jimenez matched the crescendoes, going from belting on the floor to performing backflips.

This local group is quickly gaining momentum as their live performances match the energy captured on their recorded tracks. As they continue on their national tour, Night Lights are sure to hook audiences with their infectious pop bites and dreamy beats and ensuring 2018 will be their biggest year yet.

Check out the music video to “Childish” below.

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