A baroque minstrel wandering Earth for the last twenty-plus years, Dan Bejar has crafted some of the most poetic alternative music as his project Destroyer, most recently releasing his 12th studio album ken. With each new set of songs comes a new lens on his introspection of relationships, and that follows through to his live performances.

Photos by David Fisch

His sold-out set at The Regent Friday night was majorly in support of the new record, which leans heavily in a more 80’s electronic pop, post-punk atmosphere (with some exceptions). “Tinseltown Swimming in Blood,” “A Light Travels Down the Catwalk,” and “Rome” showcased the strengths of his bandmates’ work, though Bejar, with his shaggy and effective voice and storied stature, made his presence front and center.

He performed “Times Square” from 2015’s Poison Season, and quite a number of tracks from 2011’s Kaputt. Given the amount of material he has at his disposal, he mainly kept the tunes to his most recent output, going only as far back as 2006’s revered Destroyer’s Rubies, closing his set in an encore with the energetic ten-minute title track.

If you’ve ever seen Destroyer at any given tour cycle, you know that he has the uncanny ability to transport you to his fragmented world with compositions just as impressive as his studio recordings. That was the same experience this go-around, with ken permeating The Regent and proving a dance-worthy time while being exquisitely insightful. There’s no reason not to be transported.

ken is now available on Merge Records.

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