Ready or not, the Bitchwave is here to sweep you away. A record label founded for the purpose of fostering and mentoring female and non-binary identifying musicians and bands by members of La Louma and personal favorites Rituals of Mine, Bitchwave held its first showcase the other week at The Satellite, featuring the talents of La Louma and Object as Subject (as well as headliners The Pack AD).

Object as Subject opened up, their sound relying on a hypnotic mix of toms and otherworldly vocals on the part of frontwoman Paris Hurley. As much performance art as band and joined by a trio of dancers, the band sports a deep, angular sound not too far from The Jesus Lizard or Young Widows, but sporting transcendental vocals where those bands kept to noise-rock growls.

Multi-instrumentalist Lauren from La Louma took the stage next. Despite some clear nerves, she managed to showcase her mind-shatteringly impressive skills on a variety of diverse instruments while playing some of her hits from the absolutely stellar Let the World Be Flooded Out.

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