I think I’m literally the only person who was disappointed by that fact. I mean, he played other tracks I love like “White Freckles” and “Round & Round.” But not “Jell-O.” And that’s my review.

Just kidding.

The Regent is an interesting venue. It’s not really the smallest the biggest or grandest venue in Los Angeles and it certainly loves its base levels to thump so hard the music becomes something you can feel. But it was the right vibe for the Ariel Pink show on Friday night. Ariel Pink’s music is hard to describe other than a kind of Neo-Glam rock meets New Wave meets the sounds of a jaguar deep in the jungles of Costa Rica but most people call it chill wave. The venue was transformed into a kind of space age sweat lodge, moans and groans emulating from the leader’s throat, viscerally and with some kind of spiritual shudder. The audience was enthralled, moaning, swaying and crying out for more.

But most importantly, this was a great rock show – a wild and visceral one for sure. But as Ariel Pink said to the audience half way through the gig, “it’s only gonna get weird from here.” So, we strapped in and let ourselves go, following him into the sonic rabbit hole. There was literally one point where I just had to look up to the ceiling, because I thought for sure we were about to take off into another dimension.

It was also a homecoming for Ariel, who’s an LA native, and he and the crowd were happy to have him back. The sold-out show was vibrating with energy and affection. At one point, a man pushed his way to the front of the stage and screamed, “GIVE ME A KISS ON THE CHEEK!” And just like that, Ariel preceded to give him a kiss on the cheek and said to the screaming crowd, “I love you guys.”

There was a lot of warmth, but also just straight out trippy shit going down. He made his way through most of his newest album Dedicated to Bobby Jameson – named for the obscure but influential musician of the 60s and 70s – rockin’ out the title track, opening the show with “Time to Meet Your God” and “Feels Like Heaven” among others. He and the five other performers on stage also busted out some chill wave classics like “Lipstick” and “Put Your Number in My Phone.” But you know what, they didn’t play “Jell-O.”

Guess we’ll just have to settle for a really fun and wild show. But without “Jell-O.”

Anyone else want Jell-O now?