A study has shown that, on average, a person (particularly a “millenial”) will have up to four career changes by the time they are thirty-two years old. It’s a statistic Dom Marcell might find truth to, as he has steadily become a pop/R&B sensation after transitioning from being a Wall Street banker. Having that kind of knowledge and understanding has helped him immensely, verging through the muddy waters of the music industry to be his own manager and executive producer on his upcoming album.

Oh, and his voice is pretty good, too.

The interesting background helps, but it’s that voice – one of grit and swagger with the likes of Usher or Ne-Yo – that has suddenly landed him in the spotlight with appearances on network news and major online publications just within the last year. With the imminent release of an EP or LP, there’s the feeling that 2018 will be very kind to Mr. Marcell, generating even more hype for a new R&B artist to navigate his own destiny and, better yet, on his own terms.

Listen to the single “Thats Whats Up” below. You can get more info at Dom Marcell‘s website.