Moses Sumney has become my go-to household music choice. Whether I’m cooking or reading, his voice radiates through the speakers, the otherworldly tenor and falsetto tones warming up my home. He is effortless to listen to. Sumney evokes a feeling of calm and nostalgia, a mood of beautiful melancholy perfect for wading in.

The San Bernardino native’s debut record, Aromanticism, was released earlier this month and explores what it means to be romantically alone in a society that idealizes flawless love.  We live in a culture where dating apps take up ample space on our phones and in our minds, and in a city that is dominated by an industry often rooted in inauthenticity. Sumney provides a great and realistic escape from Hollywood fiction and propels us into the depths of a starkly differing soul – one of reflection and thoughtfulness.

“I was just bored with the love song, the idea of the love song as the archetype, and also the culture that suggests romantic love is the end-all and be-all of human existence,” Sumney told the New York Times. “I wanted to question and challenge that on a personal level and on the social level — the personal is the social. I think I just felt alienated by the idea of pursuing romantic love. And I never fully saw myself in love songs, although I enjoy them. But I was wondering, what else is there?”

“There’s a feeling I wanted to capture on this record,” he continued. “That moment as you’re falling asleep, or right when you wake up, when you’re still one foot in and one foot out of the dream world, and everything is really murky and you feel like you’re floating.”

Sumney graduated from UCLA, where he had a college radio show. It’s there that he met the R&B group King, who asked him to open for them during their residency at LA’s Bootleg Theater. It instantly opened the door for Sumney, whose unique style earned him a following (and future collaborations and tours) with some of music’s biggest names: Beck, Solange, James Blake, and Jose Gonzalez.

Sumney is currently on a North American tour promoting Aromanticism, and will be making a stop at the El Rey theatre on October 21st before continuing on to Europe.

Tickets to Sumney’s Los Angeles show can be found on his website, along with more information on his tour dates.