Of any hip hop label, Rhymesayers is perhaps the most consistently exceptional. From Atmosphere and the Doomtree Collective to Brother Ali and Aesop Rock, the Minneaopolis label has been supporting some of the most incredible artists in underground rap and hip hop for years, putting out groundbreaking records. Grieves has always been on my radar since his first album, 88 Keys and Counting. His laconic flow and charismatic and charming rhymes went a long way to introduce me to the world of hip hop but until this past Saturday night, I had never gotten a chance to see him.

Luckily, the wait was more than worth it. Heading into the Troubdaour, Musab and his new project Mink were taking the stage, laying out thoughtful, incisive rap and urging the audience to do everything from ruminate on the nature of forgiveness to scream “FUCK MONSANTO” at the top of their lungs. It made me want to immediately delve into his music and anything i could find from Mink.

Dem Atlas was up next and with some fancy footwork, totally seduced the audience. His raps are intensely personal but somehow still completely universal, and its all delivered in a honeyed cadence that sweeps you along with his thoughts. He has some new music coming out that i am really excited for.

Grieves, finally took the stage. Launching into songs both from his recently released Running Wild record as well as old standards. Its tough to say which got the greater reception, as well, despite the new record only being out a matter of days. The crowd went wild as he rocketed back and forth across the stage, stopping here and there to get as close to his fans as possible.