Browsing through Molly House Records‘ artist Saturn Rising‘s social medias, one is given a surprising glimpse into the life of a performer at the nexus of music, performance, dance, and fashion. Aggressive dance videos, to match equally aggressive dance music, are intermingled with staggeringly intimate motion shots, revealing fashion editorials, and personal candids.

The impression one is left with is someone who is fiercely knowledgeable of themselves, and encapsulates a strange dichotomy of intensely private tendencies performed in a public setting. It’s a dissonance–a vulnerability and shyness conveyed in those quieter, more intimate moments and snapshots mixed with the aggressive, pounding music of lead single “FUKWITME“–that is sure to make a fascinating EP in Darkest Dream. To celebrate the release, Saturn Rising is performing at the Standard tomorrow night (Thursday 8/10/17).

Check out the cinematic video for “DOWN” below and be sure to catch the EP release show tomorrow night: