district. Demand for vinyl records is leading Sony to restart making vinyl records. Toshifumi Kitamura/AFP/Getty Images

It’s been nearly 30 years since Sony has pressed vinyl records in Japan, but as demand grows during the vinyl resurgence, “the company says it’s installing record-cutting equipment and enlisting the help of older engineers who know how to reproduce the best sound,” reports NPR. 

As detailed by The Guardian, Sony “stopped making vinyl records in 1989 as consumers flocked to CDs and other emerging technology. Japan produced nearly 200 million records a year in the mid-seventies, according to the country’s recording industry association.”

It’s important to note that Sony was the creator of the walkman, and the co-developer of CD’s (which the company started selling in 1982). So, Sony is essentially working to meet rising demand for a product it helped nearly make obsolete.

Sony Music Japan’s CEO, Michinori Mizuno, told Japan’s Nikkei newspaper that he attributes part of the vinyl revival to digital streaming services. As written by Nikkei, the vinyl boom is being propelled by young music lovers looking to purchase vinyl records for music they discover on online streaming platforms.

Also mentioned by Nikkei, Japanese record sales reached 799,000 units in 2016 – nearly octupling since 2010, and “vinyl sales outpaced digital music sales at one point last year in the U.K. [while] 17.2 million units were shipped [in the U.S.] last year, with consumers 35 and younger accounting for 70%.”

According to projections from Deloitte consulting firm, reported The Guardian, global vinyl revenues are anticipated to exceed one billion dollars this year. Meanwhile, sales of CDs and digital downloads continue to fall as a result of online streaming.

As an avid music consumer, I admit that I’ve been considering investing in a record player for a few years now. The vivid sounds of vinyl are incredibly alluring, and there’s something so beautifully connective (and nostalgic) about flipping through a record’s liner notes.

Vinyl production in Japan will resume in March of 2018 and will be run by by a subsidiary of Sony Music Entertainment (Japan).