LA, meet your neighbor Emmitt James.

The Wisconsin-born hip-hop artist and creative chameleon is now an engrained eastsider. With an ear for proper studio production, and an eye for design, James possesses a cross-functional creative vision that would make Jack White proud.

Take for example backyard gigs from Highland Park to mid-city, and the innovative ways James and his friends spread the word about these happenings. Emmitt designs custom made info cards that he & co. pass out in their daily travels to help spread that good word.

Emmitt’s main live act performs under the moniker Emmitt James & The Feel Goods, a rotating crew that typically includes drums, violin, a DJ, and female jazz vocals.

Their 2016 aptly-titled LP, The Feel Good Tape, is laced with James’ easy going conversational flow, plays on words, and humorous witticisms on life, love and the good and bad that falls in between. All of this lays atop lush production from a collection of talented producers. It’s a 20-minute journey on Euphoria Airlines worth taking.

Soon to come is a new EP, the tentatively titled Cigarettes, Porn, and Lotto Tix. Consider it a sort of homage to that trio of vices we Americans anxiously start to consume at age 18.

Below, check out James’ video for “Sunshine,” a piece that was filmed up in LA’s Griffith Park. “Sunshine” reimagines Mndsgn’s 2012 instrumental track “Eko,” to include James’ vocals and effects.

Emmitt James & The Feel Goods make their Low End Theory debut at The Airliner in Lincoln Heights on July 5.

Otherwise, catch Emmitt at COMETHOO with an RSVP to Two One Three Eight Four One Eight Nine Seven One.

For more of Emmitt’s sounds hop over to his Soundcloud page

For more information: @gaptooth_shawty (IG), @lostboy_emmitt (Twitter)