On last season’s America’s Got Talent, Simon Cowell dubbed Grace VanderWaal the new Taylor Swift. After listening to her newest single, “Moonlight,” it’s more evident than ever that he may have been right.

I’ve been a fan of 13-year-old VanderWaal since I saw her on the popular summer show last year. Despite her young age, she has the skills of a singer-songwriter who has been in the game for years.

While her debut EP, Perfectly Imperfect, was a beautiful listen, some of the lyrics still erred on the juvenile side (which makes sense, considering she was 12). But what a difference a year seems to make! “Moonlight” not only comes with VanderWaals’ signature ukulele and beyond-her-years vocals, but the lyrics demonstrate a greater sense of sophistication.



“‘Moonlight’ is about somebody you know very well changing unnaturally over time right in front of you and pushing you away, so you want to help bring them back to their original self,”  VanderWaal stated while announcing the new tune.

The song is available on all digital platforms.

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