Endless inspiration and creativity freedom permeates Los Angeles, making any kind of music genre feel possible. Guitarist and vocalist Shawn Grindle, who hails from of one of our local favorite groups The Mosaics (formerly Town in the City), is embracing LA’s boundless possibility by blending his trippy rock roots with bilingual singer-songwriter Leana Courtney with the new act Mascarada. The duo blends Grindle’s psychedelic musical background with Courtney’s Latin fusion to create soulful, 60s-rock soaked tunes.

Working with unfinished demos of songs that were never completed, the two combined their styles, collaboration to create the unique sound. Courtney writes the Spanish lyrics while Shawn handles the production side, such as Courtney’s velvety, effect-driven vocals.

This year, the pair recorded a self-titled full length due out this July. The LP will explore different styles and genres through the lens of traditional psychedelic sound. You can take a listen to the first single “Contéstame” below.

Mascarada will have their debut performance this Tuesday, May 9th at Hotel Cafe in the middle of a showcase of local folk and psychedelic rock. The pair performs after The Mosaics at 9pm and before local psych-pop duo group Sumeau at 11pm. Tickets are available now.

For more information on Mascarada:
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