Lord Loud, the psychedelic garage rock band evocative of early Ty Segall, has a sound much more pervasive than their two-piece group would suggest. Since spontaneously meeting at a party three years ago, Chris Allison and Michael Feld have channeled their mutual affection for dirty, thrashy music into a self-released EP and now their forthcoming full length album, Passé Paranoia.

King Volume Records is releasing the LP today, and while the band is shifting from self-releasing their material to putting it out on a label, the album still possesses a DIY work-ethic. The duo self-recorded the LP in you guessed it – a garage. They Frankensteined a studio in Van Nuys, CA using the remnants of previous tenants’ recording equipment. The result is a melody-driven, yet raw endeavor that intertwines the vocals of Ty Segall with the instrumental density of Black Sabbath.

Passé Paranoia is out tomorrow on King Volume Records in the U.S. and Kozmic Artifactz in Europe. Be sure to keep an eye on their Facebook page for upcoming tour dates.

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