After a decade under his belt, it’s safe to say that Travis Barker knows what he’s doing. The OC fair grounds were turned into an art-lover’s paradise. As soon as you stepped through the entrance to the convention, your ears were met with the hypnotizing buzz of the tattoo guns, and there was so much to see that it was hard to decide where to look first.

With nearly every table and seat full in the booths in the tattoo expo hall, the artists were busily working away, smiling and chatting, while those receiving the ink work were relaxed and enjoying their new pieces. Right around the corner from the tattoo hall was the open air display of the lowriders. For anyone that might argue that cars are simply machines to get you from point A to point B, I would urge them to take a look at the masterpieces that were present at Musink. Colorful, perfectly airbrushed, and surfaces so shiny you could use them as mirrors, the lowriders were a real treat to see on display.

The fun didn’t stop there, as some great musicians took the stage. Saturday’s lineup was solid with Story of the Year, Hell or Highwater, Goldfinger, Glassjaw, and The Used. It was a real treat when Travis Barker took the stage with Goldfinger, playing the drums, and the crowd got amped up and formed a pit right in the center of the hangar. Glassjaw was next. While frontman Daryl Palumbo was energetic and bouncing around stage, the drummer and bassist really pulled the set together, showcasing their talents and keeping the crowd pumped. Finally, it was time for The Used. Having performed at Musink before, The Used are no strangers to this festival, they did not disappoint. Bert McCracken is AWAYS a joy to see live, and the band does such a great job getting everyone involved, whether that’s getting people jumping on their feet or screaming the words to “I’m A Fake” at the top of their lungs. Musink is going strong, and it’s going to keep on going. I can’t wait to see what next year holds.


The Used