It’s been ten years since the first Musink tattoo convention and music festival, and it’s still rocking! The 3-day long event in Costa Mesa brings together people from all over Southern California, allowing them to bond over their love of tattoos, cars, and good ol’ rock and roll.

Featuring world renown tattoo artists both showcasing their work and also providing tattoos to people on the spot, this event is all about community. You wouldn’t necessarily expect artists with such a following to be humble, but that’s exactly what you’ll find – artists chatting with the attendees like they’re old friends.

Perfectly complementing the rebellious culture associated with tattoos are the punk and post hardcore bands that round out each day. Each year, Travis Barker manages to secure some great acts to perform, and this year is no exception. Starting out the weekend, Musink veterans The Vandals will be performing alongside NOFX, Lagwagon, and A Wilhelm Scream. Saturday shows no signs of slowing down with performances by The Used (who also played at the very first Musink in 2008), Glassjaw, Goldfinger, Story of the Year, and Hell or Highwater. Sunday’s performances keep the energy going as punk rock powerhouses Bad Religion and Pennywise take the stage along with Swingin’ Utters and Unwritten Law.

In addition to the amazing talent present, one of my favorite aspects about this event is that it’s all ages, and it turns into a perfect weekend outing for families. Little kids ooh-ing and ahh-ing at the shiny low riders, teens admiring the full sleeves of the cool yet put together adults, and parents watching the bands of their teen years perform on stage all come together for the weekend.

This is certain to be an unforgettable experience, so grab your tickets, grab your friends, and head on down to Costa Mesa for a great time! Tickets and more information available here.

Set Times:

NOFX – 8:55
The Vandals – 7:45
Lagwagon – 6:40
A Wilhelm Scream – 5:40

The Used – 8:55
Glassjaw – 7:40
Goldfinger – 6:40
Story of the Year – 5:45
Hell or Highwater 4:55

Bad Religion – 7:55
Pennywise – 6:25
Swingin’ Utters – 5:10
Unwritten Law – 4:20