Night Lights, one of our favorite local indie rock bands on the rise, has released a music video perfectly tailored to their single “Things We Used To Know”. The international quartet has been posting old photos of themselves to promote the new single and the track’s delightful accompanying video takes us on a ride through the decades.

Night Lights crafts feel-good, dance-ready songs like these, with impressively insightful lyrics about heartbreak and growing up hidden under shimmering indie music. They’ve proven their skills for blending genres and their electronica-tinged indie pop rock is sweetest in the chorus during its infectious autotune acrobatics (which pairs perfectly with 1980s wardrobe and lead vocalist/guitarist Mauricio Jimenez’s impressive dance moves).

The four musicians, who met at Berkeley and have been making music ever since, are finding their groove, individually and as a band. The men demonstrate a joyful camaraderie on stage and in their music and their genre experimenting proves a clear confidence both in their talents and each other.

“Things We Used To Know” is off their upcoming album Good Better Alright set for release April 7th and we can’t wait to see what other instant favorites they have in store.

The band is performing this Friday, March 31st with fellow indie rockers The Score at AMPLYFi and tickets are available now.

For more information on Night Lights:

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