In conjunction with Daft Punk’s performance with crooner The Weeknd at this year’s pretty solid Grammy Awards held at Staples Center, the electronic duo/overlords decided to open a pop-up shop in West Hollywood to show off all of the merchandise they’ve been steadily releasing since 2013’s Random Access Memories dropped.

The boutique high-end store Maxfield on Melrose Ave. is hosting this unique opportunity to spend hundreds or even maybe thousands of dollars on all things Daft Punk. The wares include denim jackets with vintage patches, skateboards emblazoned with the Daft Punk logo, figurines, posters, and the like, but this shop also contains some pretty great DP memorabilia from the past twenty-ish years.

Costumes from various performances, picture slides, instruments and props from music videos, masks from their “Darlin'” days, pieces from their film Electroma, and much, much more are all housed in the shop.

The history behind the memorabilia isn’t included, but this pop-up shop isn’t a museum. If you’re a devoted fan like myself (and the many people who were with me in the store), you already know the history of everything. Just getting close looks at the jackets used for TRON: Legacy and the original helmets used in the promotional materials for Discovery was enough of a sell, considering I wasn’t about to drop over $300 on a t-shirt (many items were already sold out before even I got there, and I went on Monday).

The store is open through Sunday, February 19th, so get on over to Maxfield’s when you get the chance for a Daft Punk fan experience, and if you’ve already gotten your tax refund, maybe even a shopping one. Here’s a short video I whipped together.

Daft Punk Pop-Up Shop at Maxfield from David Fisch on Vimeo.

Check out the gallery below as well!

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