Not only does Liz Loughrey have the voice of the century, she also has the vibe and the message.

Witnessing her set at The Hotel Cafe this last Friday night was a treat. In a venue known for its up-and-coming artists and busy schedule, it can sometimes be hard to stand out amongst the crowd. But Liz Loughrey and Co. did it with swagger.

All photos by Erika War

Opening the set with Alicia Keys’ “No One” was (nearly) as epic as their closing the set with Al Green’s “Let’s Stay Together.” Liz and her crew are obviously influenced by some of the best music of our time. It’s refreshing to see/hear this, as many new artists seem to be striving only for whatever sound is currently buzzing.

The songs were smooth like the transitions. Adrian X flawlessly provided the soulful guitar parts, and the spectacular drummer kept the beats flowing and the rhythm stomping with his Cajon. They’re all from Toronto, Canada, by the way. That must have something to do with their musical purity.

One guitar, one Cajon, one voice. Liz Loughrey Live was the perfect combination that took no effort whatsoever to sit through. Their closing song “Rise Up!” has been getting love on Spotify, and I can see why. Not only is the music on point, but the directive is strong.

I was instantly inspired to focus on myself while also coming together with my community. Chase your dreams and rise up!

Keep a look out for these guys. They’re the real deal.

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