If Starset is the future of music, count me in. Control panel and spacesuits in place, they managed to transform The Roxy into a futuristic microcosm. The cinematic rock group was nothing short of impressive as they took the stage. The perfect blending of the electronics with the cello and violin created an ethereal sound, showcasing their individual musical skills as well as their technical prowess.

The fact that each song is full of scientific imagery should come as no surprise (frontman Dustin Bates was a PhD candidate of electrical engineering), but what might not be expected is the emotional depth present in such a visually appealing band. Striking visuals, arresting lyrical imagery, and an intellectual tone really set Startset apart from the rest.

In addition to having a fantastic live show, Starset is innovative in the technology they use for their music videos. For their most recent single, “Ricochet,” the band utilized a 360-degree camera to create a VR-compatible, interactive video. This band is pushing the limits of technology, and you don’t want to miss what they come up with next.