The older you get, the faster time goes by. As a teen sitting in a high school classroom, watching the clock tick ever so slowly, it was impossible to imagine time ever going by at a rate faster than a snail’s pace. 3pm on Friday seemed so far off, and the summer Warped Tour was never going to come.

Fast forward 10 years, and now you’re sitting at a desk still hard at work at 8pm on Friday night, and you’re asking yourself, “Where did all the time go?” And then you hear the announcement that August Burns Red is going on an anniversary tour for Messengers. Cool, a five year anniversary tour! No. Wait. Not five years. Ten. Ten years have passed since ABR released their sophomore album.

The time didn’t stop the fans in attendance from remembering the lyrics to any of the songs, though. Screaming along to nearly every song, the crowd was transported back to their teens, a time when summer albums were something to look forward to, and all the latest music releases were announced on MySpace.

The lighting was spectacular, and frontman Luhrs was dynamic and tireless as he ran about the stage pumping up the audience and singing his heart out. This was a memorable night for sure.