Whether Valentine’s Day serves to reaffirm your passion for your significant other, or remind you that you’re still kicking it with your cat, there’s plenty of live music to make today memorable. You can nurse your heartache with Angel Olsen, immerse yourself in darkwave musings, or support Planned Parenthood with the crème de la crème of pysch rockers… Whatever you’re feeling, LA has got you covered.

1. Angel Olsen @ The Wiltern

Angel Olsen is the queen of croon, her wispy voice billowing through beautiful harmonies about love, loss, loneliness, and hope. She’s currently touring to promote her third full-length LP, My Woman, which is arguably her most dynamic, emphatic venture yet.

Olsen is not just another folk singer; she’s fiery and bold, layering understated arrangements with garage-rock grit to create a completely earnest sound that is absolutely worth experiencing live. You’ll have to scour Craigslist for last minute tickets…or get your loved one to do it for you. Oh, and did I mention Jonathan Richman is the opening act?

2. Cold Cave @ The Regent

If you’re feeling a little more cynical on “Irritating Facebook Posts Day” and want to do some light dancing to darkwave electronica, Cold Cave is the show for you. Wesley Eisold conceived the project in 2007, experimenting with effects pedals and synthesizers, creating a varied repertoire of music that is sometimes experimental, other times inspired by ’80s synth pop.

Cold Cave will be performing with electro-pop duo Black Marble and the spacier, dreamier Drab Majesty. Tickets are also sold out to this one (sorry), but you know what to do.

3. Panache’s Valentine’s Day VILLAGE OF LOVE Planned Parenthood of Los Angeles Benefit Concert @ The Teragram

Still reeling from today’s political news? And yesterday’s? And tomorrow’s? It can get discouraging and maybe elicit feelings of guilt for celebrating love in a time shrouded with hateful political agendas, and that is why you should spend your Valentine’s Day at The Teragram with like-minded garage rockers, using art to inspire change.

Performers include LA mainstays Ty Segall, Kevin Morby, King Tuff, Mikal Cronin, Entrance, and more, covering their favorite classic and contemporary love songs. Because there’s nothing more punk rock than a bunch of guitar-thrashing dudes playing a show on Valentine’s Day to benefit Planned Parenthood.

Bonus: Tickets are still available for this one.

4. Valentine’s Day Dinner & Dance @ Grand Central Market

A bit of a deviation from your classic concert-going experience, this event is great for new couples, old couples, or single folk with a big appetite for food and swing music. Grand Central Market is hosting its very first, very free, Valentine’s Day Dinner & Dance event in honor of its 100th birthday.

Swing band Jonathan Stout and His Campus Five featuring Hilary Alexander will be providing the soundtrack for the night, and dancing is very much encouraged. Stout was an avid dancer growing up in the ’90s and channeled that energy into the inception of his band, the Campus Five, in 2002. Meanwhile, the market will be offering premiere menu specials to satiate your appetite after hours of twisting and twirling to nostalgic, mid-century-inspired tunes.

For more info: Valentine’s Day Dinner and Dance

5. A Night of Sad Songs & Love Songs @ The Echoplex

The Echoplex is offering a night of sad songs and love songs (which are not mutually exclusive), enlisting artists including the dreamy, gothic Dreamings, electro-synth act Cellars, indie-pop sextet Banta, and bluesy psych artist Joel Jerome. You can also dance to the contemporary disco of Iconique and subtly sway in place to LA surf rockers GospelbeacH. It’s only $5 for an entire night stacked with more than 20 incredible artists, and tickets are still available!