When one of your musical influences asks you to go on tour with them, you don’t say no. When that band is Red Hot Chili Peppers, you really don’t say no. For LA-based act Irontom, this isn’t just a dream — this is reality.

When they head out on an arena tour this May with the Chili Peppers, Irontom is sure to gain a whole new audience of fans across the country. For those of us in LA lucky enough to have seen them perform live, we have an idea of what the Midwest is in for –- smooth grooves sure to get you on your feet and dancing, artists that are completely immersed in their music and ready to take you on a journey with them, and an unforgettable time.

Due for release later this year, Irontom’s full-length debut album is one that deserves some anticipation. Produced by AWOLNATION’s Aaron Bruno, the album will transport you out of this world and into theirs. Perhaps guitarist Zach Irons put it best: “The songs all came together to create a cool little world and we’re excited for people to jump in and swim around.”

“Be Bold Like Elijah” has the kind of intro that as soon as the first notes hit, you find yourself turning the volume way up, losing yourself in the beat. Before you know it, you’re singing along to the chorus and hitting repeat to listen to it again. It’s perfect music for driving down the highway, drumming on the steering wheel as you go. Nearly every song I’ve heard by this band has a strong rhythm and an infectious melody.

If you happen to be one of the lucky ones at the Chili Peppers show in the Midwest or Canada, be sure to get there early enough to catch Irontom’s set. You won’t be disappointed.

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