Given my undying love for pop music and female-fronted bands, it is no surprise I fell head over heels for Kelly Mylod and Sophie Noire’s collaboration Novelties. Billed as a “dark-pop” duo, these women blend electro-pop with dark undertones to create entrancing melodies that pull you in, while their colorful, stylized music videos honor their dreamy sound.

“We always pair our work with visuals, so we film music videos for each released single,” Sophie Noire told me, demonstrating that the women’s wildly creative talents extend past their music.

The pair’s hypnotic, reverberating vocals harken back to another one of my favorite experimental pop groups, Phantogram. Pulsating synth highlights their tracks in all the right places, building lush soundscapes that show their shoegaze influences.

“Kelly and I are constantly evolving our sound,” Noire said. “With each new track, we look forward to pushing ourselves into a new and different sonic realm.”

Their recently released video for “City” was filmed in Hong Kong. Sophie Noire explains it was intended to visually represent the emotional qualities of the track.

“The lyrics, ‘You left a world on fire,’ inspired the theme and overall aesthetic direction of the music video,” Noire explained. “We wanted to capture the feeling of loneliness and uncertainty and intertwine it with the hypnotizing and chaotic energy of a foreign city.”

Novelties plan to launch their series “Novelties: Live Sessions” early this year, which will give fans a look into their live performances as they’ve yet to make their live debut here in Los Angeles.

“As new artists, we’d love to play Bootleg Theater, Teragram Ballroom, The Viper Room, Troubadour, The Roxy, and Bardot Hollywood’s ‘School Night’ concert series,” Noire gushed. “Los Angeles has an eclectic mix of venues for local and touring bands.”

The duo is currently finishing their upcoming single “Potions” with a promise of a second single out next month as well.

“The next music video we’ll release is for our third track, ‘moshi moshi.’ We’re currently working with Toronto-based indie electronic trio closely,” Noire said. “We will release our collaborative track closely x Novelties “away with me” in 2017.”

2017 will certainly be a big year for this pair, and we here at LA Music Blog are excited to see where their talents will take them!

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