Chances are you rang in the new year surrounded by friends and family, discussing resolutions…and watching Mariah Carey’s disastrous performance on Dick Clark’s Rockin’ New Year’s Eve.

It was undeniably embarrassing for Carey and another sign that performers are leaning more heavily on lip syncing. While producers and Carey’s team were quick to point fingers about missed rehearsals and faulty sound systems, does it really matter? It was forty degrees, she’s surrounded by millions of people, and it’s almost midnight.

Rather than dwell on this performance, I think we should shake it off (much like Carey did in a recent tweet) and focus on the amazing career she has had. Carey’s voice is one in a million, and while she may not have shown it off to welcome in 2017, she’s sold millions of records and had over a dozen number one singles spanning a decades-long career. Here are my favorites!

5) “One Sweet Day” (ft. Boyz II Men)

Carey has a long list of beautiful ballads (“My All,” “Hero,” and “Thank God I Found You,” to name a few), but this track holds the most emotional weight. While it can be viewed as a heartfelt goodbye to an ex-lover, it’s become an anthem for those who mourn someone who has passed. Add in the fact that supergroup Boyz II Men lend their talent to the track, and it’s easily one of Carey’s best.

4) “We Belong Together”

After a string of failed singles, Carey entered the new millennium with this comeback hit, showcasing her signature soulful style and R&B influence. “We Belong Together” was the powerful ballad framed with an emotional plea (and a dramatic music video to match) that re-launched Carey’s career.

3) “Emotions”

Yes, the live performance of this song may have been a disaster, but nothing can take away from the ’90s perfection of “Emotions.” It shows off Carey’s incredible range and signature whistle register with a disco beat bumping behind.

2) “Fantasy”

I can still remember the first time I saw this video (the first to be directed by Carey) and watched a carefree Carey, hair blowing in the wind while riding rollercoasters. What could be more fitting for this light-hearted nineties pop tune? Throw in group dance numbers in parking lots and Carey’s vocals in her prime, and you have my number two.

1) “Always Be My Baby”

This has and always will be my favorite Carey song. Every time I hear the opening guitar riff, I am transported back to middle school, where  I lip-synced along to this track for a talent show. This upbeat ballad contains a simple message, beautifully sung, and will always be number one in my heart.


#Beautiful (ft. Miguel)

While this 2013 song didn’t top the charts, it was the perfect light, infectious summer song (complete with a trendy hashtag, a sign of the times). Miguel’s silky vocals complement the simple guitar riff with the Motown beats, earning this soulful tune an honorable mention.