Yep, the world is a bit crazy right now.

I’ve never seen or felt anything like it. Have you? The climate in America is divided, upset, confused, and combative. Can’t we all just get along? At this point, I’m not sure.

Social media alone has turned into a hotbed for anger. The arguments have taken over my feed, and it almost feels like anything positive is being dismissed, as people wait for the next post they can disagree with.

But one thing is for certain, we are ONE country. The more we fight, the weaker we become as a whole. So, in honor of this unhinged period of uncertainty and angst, here are five songs that were written about change — but more importantly, the lightheartedness one must have while experiencing heavy change. Also, let’s reflect on ourselves and changes we can make to better our lives. THAT will make you content with your day. Changing yourself is changing the world. Let’s rock.

Play this playlist and smile, knowing that every little thing is gonna be alright.

“Let go of things you can’t change. Focus on things you can.” -Unknown (I love when quotes are unknown — so much more epic.)

David Bowie – “Changes” (Gotta start with this one, come on)

Allman Brothers – “Change My Way of Living” (This song is GREAT)

Big Sean – “One Man Can Change The World”

Travis Tritt – “It’s All About to Change”

Ten Years After – “I’d Love To Change The World”