Meet Los Angeles underground hip-hop artist Reverie, also known as Reverie Love. Highland Park’s sweetheart will be at Los Globos this Saturday, January 21st, dropping her poetic flows and connecting with fans. The 26-year-old underground rapper uses meaningful lyrics to share raw emotion and truth through her songs.

Reverie has used music as an escape from her reality, occasionally sharing her struggles with fans. For an idea of those struggles, just look at her bio: “Reverie crawled up from hell in 1990 & now she raps.” Her five-track EP Das Kleine comes with some captivating visuals for each song, my favorites being “West Side,” “Push Forward,” and “Scheming.”

It’s safe to say that Reverie has brought a fresh face to underground hip hop, and she’s doing it with style. She also runs an online boutique, Reverie’s Basement, and has some of the dopest merch. Her entrepreneur mentality continues to inspire fans as she moves them to dream bigger. Be sure to pick up tickets for this weekend’s show at Los Globos.

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