Friday, English pop-rock band You Me At Six released their fifth full-length album, Night People. The band traveled to Tennessee, Nashville, to record portions of the record live in the famous Bluebird Cafe. The sessions resulted in a ten-song LP, which has already bred five singles that show the outfit is exploring a wider rock and roll landscape.

The drums beat in heavy, Southern rock hits on the album’s title track, and the double bass pedals pound as Josh Franceschi’s voice soars in “Heavy Soul.” The energetic opening guitars of “Plus One” could make a stadium-sized crowd head bang, and the chugging bass in “Swear” drives the track forward as Franceschi’s pop-tinged vocals reverberate with powerful angst.

While it may be a decidedly different sound for a band that burst onto the scene as pop-punk teenagers (although the emotional weight of “Give” surrounded by shimmery guitar riffs will satisfy the brokenhearted), it’s a natural maturation of sound for these UK rockers.

It’ll be interesting to see how much the group leans on their newer material in 2017 and how they translate this edgier energy into their live performances. Keep your fingers crossed for a domestic tour as the group embarks on a series of dates in their home country this spring.

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