Music lover podcast alert! Though it’s not explicitly a music program, comedian Hannibal Buress’s Handsome Rambler podcast just might be another worthy addition to your list of subscribed shows if you’re into a good mix of comedy and musician talk.

Buress — who is on something of a victory run in the last few years after breaking further into the spotlight thanks to his participation in Comedy Central’s Broad City and Adult Swim’s The Eric Andre Show — launched Handsome Rambler in October of last year.

A free-flowing peek inside the stand-up’s mind as he travels the globe on tour, it’s already featured two musical guests who not only made some pretty awesome contributions to music in the last few years, but also don’t give interviews quite as often as fans might like: Chance the Rapper and Hiatus Kaiyote’s Nai Palm.

Comedians and musicians have always had a kindred connection (as Dave Chappelle once famously put it in his Block Party documentary, every comedian wishes they were in a band, and every musician thinks that they’re funny). Hearing Buress and his co-host Tony Trimm chop it up with the artists in their respective episodes is a great time, and it also leads to an interesting direction in conversation that you might not usually get in a standard interview with a journalist.

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