San Fernando Valley has a new emerging voice by the name Self Provoked. The 24-year-old rapper began his career freestyling on basketball courts and found himself on tour with Funk Volume. His raw, naturally flowing lyrics quickly broke through the underground hip-hop scene, but his beats are upbeat enough for mainstream attention.

Self Provoked’s influences stem from ’90s West Coast hip-hop artists like DJ Quick, Bone Thugs, and NWA. He also finds inspiration from Chicago-based rappers Twista and Crucial Conflict. However, the main motivation in his music is “The Valley” — his videos offer a glimpse into the typical 818 life of skateboarding, graffiti, and hitting bongs.

His latest album, Triangles, delivers nothing less than classic hip-hop beats and rhymes. Check out his newest videos for “Jiggy Jiggy,” “Handcuffs,” and “Welcome To My Castle,” and get ready to get uplifted as Self Provoked’s eye-opening message always leaves fans on a high note.

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