Red Bull’s Sound Select 30 Days in LA set all the vibes for Jhene Aiko’s performance at the Avalon in Hollywood. Swedish-based singer Cherrie warmed up fans with her unique and cultural sound before Chicago singer Eryn Allen Kane brought powerful soul to the stage, her strong presence giving wild energy to a previously mellow crowd.

All photos by Markie Escalante

The amped-up crowd waited anxiously as crew members set the stage with furniture, incense, and candles. Jhene Aiko floated on stage sipping from a blue cup and welcomed fans to her living room with the soft and steady “New Balance.” After realizing she was surrounded by friends who were chilling on the bean bag and couch on stage, she got playful with her first performance of “Living Room Flow.”

Her subtle jokes throughout the night gave hints to surprise guests, and fans went crazy when Big Sean walked out for Twenty88’s “Deja Vu.” The two fed the audience’s excitement as they danced on each other to “On The Way” and ultimately departed with a poorly hidden kiss. Jhene followed up with Sailed Out favorites “Comfort Inn Freestyle” and “Bed Peace,” then brought out Vince Staples for “The Vapors.”


The crowd settled down during Jhene’s soothing performance of “WTH.” She teased fans about not texting their ex’s while intoxicated, which suddenly lead to Chris Brown walking out to “Drunk Texting” and them breaking down to “Post To Be” with their crazy vocals.


Jhene Aiko couldn’t end the night without rocking to her latest single “Maniac” and everyone’s favorite track “The Worst.” Before leaving the stage, she came back to perform “Space Jam” from 2011’s Sailing Souls, wrapping up the night with a throwback favorite.


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